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Premiere Cinemas - Hollister

Phone: (831) 638-1688 ext 2

Box Office: (831) 638-1800

Premiere Cinemas - Los Banos

Phone: (209) 827-9191

Box Office: (209) 827-9400

Premiere Cinemas - Soledad

Phone: (831) 263-5206

Box Office: (831) 269-3494

Directions & Location

Premiere Cinemas in Hollister, CA is located at 641 McCray Street between 4th Street and Hillcrest Road.


Premiere Cinemas in Los Banos, CA is located at 245 North Mercy Springs just north of Highway 152.


Premiere Cinemas in Soledad, CA is located at 499 Nestles Road.

About Premiere Cinemas

At Premiere Cinemas, we strive to provide the best entertainment with our state-of-the-art motion picture presentation. Our goal is to offer a fun and family entertaining movie-going experience. Whether sitting in our DTS or Dolby Digital wall-to-wall screened auditoriums or visiting our concessions stand for fresh hot-buttered Orville Redenbacher's popcorn, Eisenberg Gourmet hot dogs, cool refreshing beverages, and/or our wide variety of candies, we are committed to your satisfaction.

In 1994, Premiere Cinemas began construction with the doors opening on May 26th, 1995. The first ticket ever sold was a general admission for the 7pm showing of "While You Were Sleeping" for the price of $6.25.

A group of long-term residents who tired of commuting to enjoy a first-run "real" movie-going experience, decided to build a 5-plex theater in Hollister. Today, these same locals are the stockholders of Premiere Cinemas. While our original idea was to provide family entertainment close to home, Premiere Cinemas has continued to grow. In 1999, Premiere Cinemas expanded by adding and additional screen and again in 2001 by opening a new 6-screen, state-of-the-art stadium seating complex in Los Banos.

In the summer of 2005, Hollister's Premiere Cinemas began construction on a brand new state-of-the-art 10-plex theater, fully-equipped with luxury stadium seating, enormous wall-to-wall screens, fully integrated DTS and Dolby Digital sound, and the finest motion picture presentation.

We invite the communities of Hollister and Los Banos to bookmark their local cinema page and visit us often.

Premiere Cinemas thanks you for your continued patronage and support.