Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you take ATM or credit cards?

    Yes, we honor Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards. Also, for a small service charge you can purchase your tickets or snack bar items using your ATM card that features the "STAR" Symbol.

  2. Can I buy tickets in advance?

    Tickets may be purchased from the box office and on-line up to five days in advance of the film's opening. Highly popular films will generate longer lines as shows can sell out hours in advance. We recommend for the most popular films, during the weekends and holidays, that you plan to arrive 20 to 30 minutes prior to the advertised start time.

  3. Can I purchase tickets online?

    Yes! Premiere Cinemas is proud to provide on-line ticket sales. Simply click the "Buy Tickets" button below the movie you would like to see. To pick up your tickets, visit the Premiere Cinemas ticket kiosk in the lobby. Be sure to bring your printable receipt with the printed bar code to obtain your tickets. Scan the bar code at the kiosk and you are on your way! A small charge will be added for every ticket purchased.

  4. What is your Ratings Policy?

    Premiere Cinemas enforces the film rating policies of the MPAA. An adult guardian must accompany anyone under the age of 17 years old who wishes to see a R-rated film. Identification is required if patron appears to be under the age of 17.

  5. How can I find out, which movies will be playing at my theater in advance?

    Movie schedules are determined early in the week for films opening on Friday of the same week. Schedules are posted on the Premiere Cinemas site by Friday morning. You can also subscribe to our weekly emails which include our upcoming schedule, special screenings, and promotions.
    Due to industry considerations, films, and schedules are subject to frequent changes, so unfortunately, scheduling confirmation can only be released a few days in advance.

  6. How do I contact Premiere Cinemas?

    Visit our Contact page for directions, email addresses and phone numbers for both the Hollister and Los Banos locations.

  7. How long will my movie play in the theater?

    The short answer is, there is no way to predict exactly how long a movie will play. The duration of how long a film stays in our theaters is "how well is it doing?" and what are the studio obligations? Basically, the more popular a film is with patrons, the longer it will play. Use our website to get information on what films will be playing.

  8. Why isn't a certain movie playing at my theater?

    Deciding which theaters will play certain movies is a complicated and competitive process. All film exhibitors compete to acquire new releases. Many variables are considered when motion picture companies decide where to exhibit their films. Sometimes films are only released in larger markets, such as New York and Los Angeles. While some of these films are eventually released into smaller markets, some never make it at all. We currently list all the movies we are scheduled to have in the future under the Coming Soon.

  9. How do I get information (or who do I contact) about on-screen advertising?

    Please visit our On-screen Advertising page under the Theater Info menu for more information about advertising your business, event, or organization with us.

  10. Do you reserve seats for large groups?

    Purchasing tickets in advance guarantees you a seat for each ticket purchased. However, we do not reserve specific seats in any row. Popular films will generate longer lines as shows sell out quickly. Large groups need to arrive early if sitting together is important.

  11. Can I purchase gift cards online?

    Yes, you can contact the Hollister or Los Banos box offices in person or visit our Gift Cards page to initiate a purchase on-line.

  12. Can I use my Premiere Gift Card at either Hollister or Los Banos theater?

    Gift cards are valid at the location they were purchased for. For example, if you purchase a gift card for the Hollister theater, it can only be used at the Hollister theater. However, we will happily exchange your gift card for the theater of your choice.

  13. When do the features and show times change?

    Features and show times usually change on Fridays, but certain movies open on other days, such as Wednesdays and Christmas Day. Features and show times change in accordance with these releases.