Premiere Cinemas SuperSaver Rewards Program

Do you love movies?  Now, you can earn rewards points every time you purchase a ticket to enjoy a great movie!

Pick up your SuperSaver Rewards card from either Premiere Cinemas location.  It's FREE and you earn 1 point for every $1 dollar spent at the Box Office for the purchase of movie tickets.



50 points

1 Free Small Drink

100 points

1 Free Small Popcorn

150 points

1 Free Movie Ticket

200 Points

1 Free Small Drink

250 Points

1 Free Small Popcorn

300 Points

1 Free Movie Ticket


Now for the small print...

  • Your Super Saver Rewards card must be presented before payment at the time of purchase.

  • Rewards cards are exclusive to their locations.  To earn points at the Hollister location, you must have a rewards card for the Hollister location. To earn points at the Los Banos location, you must have a rewards card for the Los Banos location.

  • Online ticket, gift certificate and concession purchases are not eligible for point accumulation. Only tickets purchased directly from the box office are eligible.

  • Rewards points are redeemable only at the location that they were earned.

  • A maximum of 10 points is allowed per person, per day.

  • Premiere Cinemas reserves the right to modify or cancel the SuperSaver Rewards Program at any time.